Selection criteria

Our team comprises over 100 teachers who are highly qualified specialists in their own fields, inspired by the process of teaching and speak perfect English.

They have passed a strict selection process based on the following three criteria:

Their knowledge of the English language.

Typically they are either bilingual or people with a very high level of English who have lived in Anglophone countries and have experience of multicultural setting.

Their knowledge of their subject.

It is very important to us that our teachers are professionals in their subject field, be they gifted young academics, talented artists or successful postgraduates, and that they are passionate about their topic and able to inspire children with their enthusiasm.

Their performance in a series of psychological and pedagogical tests.

A candidate’s performance at interview is more important to us than their teaching experience. All candidates go through a complex system of interviews and tests designed by professional psychologists to discover if they have the necessary personal qualities to work creatively with children.

After the candidates have passed the selection process they undergo rigorous professional and psychological training that teaches them a number of different teaching methods so that they can tailor their approach to suit each individual student.

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