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Dear friends, soon we will open an entry for London Gates Summer Camp 2019!

In summer 2019 for seventh time an annual London Gates Summer Camp will be held in English. We invite children ages 7 to 16 to join an unforgettable summer adventure. Camp will take place in beautiful hamlet in Latvia, in big welcoming house. In two weeks children will get an immersive english language experience, participate in a number of thematic days, make a movie, prepare a final show, play in football and frisbee tournaments and many more. Our schedule is pretty busy, we only speak in English at least 15 hours a day, and instructor-child rate during the camp is 5:1.


1 shift: in early June (ages 7-14)
2 shift: in late June (ages 10-15)
3 shift: mid-July (ages 10-16)


Guest houses Maurini and Ezerneiki, 50 km away from Riga. One camp includes: 18-22 kids, 5 instructors of the teaching staff at London Gates, a doctor and an administator.


2200 euros (this includes flying tickets, transfer, accomodation, food and additional expenses). Unfortunately, we can’t secure visas, but we will gather all necessary documents for you

How to apply:

Leave a request (below)

Send an email at [email protected]

Adrress your tutor in London Gates if your child is already a student


Summer Camp London Gates 2018

If you are interested in going to Latvia with us please fill in the form

Our Camp's prinicples

At London Gates Summer Camp we don’t study English, like in everyday school classes, we live in English. Every day participants become archeologists, flying apparatus engineers, geographers and discoverers, cavemen, scientists and British colonists that fight for their independence.


Our Summer Camp principles

We communicate only in English.

We are always busy.

We don't use gadgets (mobile phones, tablets, mp3-players)

Absence of electronic and mobile devices allows children to constantly be involved in what happens during camp programme, But that does not  imply complete lack of contact with their parents. Phones are given for a short time after lunch, so that kids can ring their families. Also, at any time camp director, guest house staff and London Gates administration staff are available by phone. And detailed photosets abd stories about each day are posted on our Facebook page, so parents know, what their children were doing.


Julia Desyatnikova about the programme



No, programme of each shift ressembles one another a lot, therefore you can’t go on two shifts.

In process of distributing children at our summer camp we consider your wishes, but final decision always lies with us. We take into account psychological, linguistic and age-sensitive characteristics of all children

Children are distributed in rooms by age, based on psychological characteristics of said children. We will try our best to take your wishes into account.


You will not need anything particular for our camp, standard clothing and things – we will mail you the list and we will tell you everything in detail at parent-teacher days.

Parent-teacher day will take place 3 weeks before every shift.

Every camp programme has a certified doctor, who is given all the information about participants’ health.His duties include monitoring the health of every child and contacting parents if there are any questions.

We do not welcome it: our programme is designed to have maximum impact with participants being in camp 100% of the time. Besides, we have a final show on our last day – theatre play, that children prepare during whole duration of the shift. If you can’t do otherwise – please contact us, and we will look at  every single case.

At Summer Camp we don’t have English lessons that kids are used to. On of our main principles is learning language through activities. English is the main language of our programme, all communication between participants and instructors is in English, all of our activities are designed for children to study English with ease with being involved in the process, at the same time improving language proficiency.

In that case we will give you full refund excluding our expenses (flying tickets, accomodation, etc.). To get full refund you need to decide no later than 2 months before departure

Instructors are among the teachers from our branches in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Paris, London, Tel Aviv. All of them go through  rigorous selection process, are fluent in English, good with children and and know the programme reaaly well.

Of course, but please inform us as early as possible.

Within the shift there are multiple thematic trips. More information on specifics later.

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