Guiding principles

Our goals

To raise people with a global outlook, who have access to the best higher education and who are able to work in any country of their choosing. Not only to provide our students an international education and the ability to freely communicate in English, but also to instil in them a profound understanding and respect for the culture and history of others.

To help form individuals with advanced social skills, who are passionate, creative, active and success-minded. To offer our children limitless freedom to choose their path in life and the opportunity to realise their potential to the full.



We believe that tearing children under 16 away from their families and their familiar environment has an extremely detrimental effect on their general, cultural and psychological development. That is why we create a platform for children to receive superb international education without leaving their home country.


We have the highest regard for native culture and the importance of it being fully perceived and appreciated by our children. That is why we operate on the model of supplementary, fostering respect for cultural and educational diversity.


We are convinced that monoculturalism is the main restricting factor in the global society of today. We see our goal in the development of a multicultural individual, investing European, American, Russian and other cultures into this concept. And we use English as a universal tool to achieve this aim.


Here at the Centre we maintain a free, open, positive and friendly environment that is comfortable and interesting for both children and adults alike. We respect and value individuality, we are happy to discuss any subject and support the interest our pupils display in the diversity the world around them.

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