Julia Desiatnikov

The founder of the London Gates Education Group, Julia Desiatnikov, is a practising psychologist and business consultant.

For over 20 years she has been setting up educational projects all over the world whose graduates study in such universities as Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and Stanford and work in some of the world’s leading companies. They work in the sciences and arts and teach in some of the best academic establishments in the world.

Julia was born and grew up in Moscow. She moved to Tel Aviv and then London where she opened her first education centre based on her own teaching methods.

“In my opinion, it is completely wrong to think that learning is hard and difficult work. You regularly hear mothers asking their children if they are tired after their lessons. But why should they be tired if the lesson was interesting and taught by a genuinely inspiring teacher? Children find life incredibly interesting until we adults explain to them that it is hard, difficult and tiring.

Our project allows children to immerse themselves in a unique cultural environment, to master English, to gain British accredited qualifications, widen their outlook, discover different cultures and acquire the knowledge and experience that will ensure that they are on a level footing with graduates from the world’s leading schools, without ever having to leave their home city.

It is very important to me that our children have access to every possible opportunity for their development and education. So that they can build their future without being restricted in their choice of university, profession or life style.”

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