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London Gates Education Group

London Gates is a supplementary education centre that is accredited by the EDEXCEL British examination board (Centre No. 09370). This entitles us to prepare students and host examinations for the British advanced school leaving certificate (A-levels) needed to get into the best universities in the world.

London Gates Education Group provides its students with the opportunity to gain British accredited qualifications, experience a multicultural environment and learn to speak and socialise in English fluently without having to leave their family and home or interrupt their studies at their regular school.

The founding visionary behind London Gates Education Group is Julia Desiatnikov, a psychologist who has spent over 20 years establishing education centres around the globe. Having brought together an international team of specialist teachers, linguists and psychologists she successfully applies unique and tailored teaching methods in projects in London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Riga, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

Psychologist Julia Desuatnikov

For over 20 years she has been setting up educational projects all over the world



The first centre was opened in 2010. It currently has over 550 students and its graduates are now studying in some of the best universities and colleges in the UK including UCL, Imperial College, King’s College, Durham, Surrey, Exeter and Manchester, as well as universities in the USA, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

London Gates Education Group works with children from the age of nine months. Pre-school children go through our programme later find it much easier to study foreign languages. Having developed effective learning mechanisms, they find it easy to assimilate new knowledge and skills.

Subjects ranging from the natural sciences and maths to world history, cultures and traditions, and various creative arts, are all taught exclusively in English. London Gates’ teachers are, first and foremost, highly qualified specialist in their own fields: mathematicians, scientists, historians, linguists and artists, with impeccable English and a great love of children. They have all passed a strict, multi-staged selection process and a series of tailored teacher trainings.

We pay particular attention to providing an individual approach to each of our students and constant adjustments are made to their personal programmes of study. Our teachers, students and parents are equal members of a friendly team who enjoy spending time and dong things together. We place great emphasis on creative and original methods of content delivery and lesson structure, engaging children’s natural interest in the world around them and innate ability to learn.

Parents are regularly updated on their child’s progress and have the opportunity to influence their child’s learning through constant collaboration and interaction with our staff. Our oldest students receive help and advice in choosing their future career path and navigating the multitude of courses offered by international universities. Based on these decisions, together we create a tailored learning plan.


Our centres are located in the very hearts of cities. Each lecture hall has been designed to represent one of the great British universities and fully equipped with AV technology. The students sit around a shared round table. We greatly value the atmosphere of friendliness and mutual trust between our students and teachers, and make a special effort to ensure that our students’ academic, creative and personal development takes place in friendly and comfortable surroundings.

To apply for our programme you need to pass the interview and testing.

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Our principles

Main principle of London Gates Education programme is learning language throughout activities

Julia Desiatnikov

Practing psychologist, business consultant and founder of London Gates Education Group


All candidates go through a complex system of interviews and tests designed by professional psychologists to discover if they have the necessary personal qualities to work creatively with children, professionalism and responsibility.



Our graduates get in prestigious foreign universities, easily listen to and understand courses in foreign language


Interview for magazines and newspapers. What media says about us on radio and in printed form.


There is nothing better for us than happy graduates and their parents. Learn what’s their opinon on our teachers and methods.

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